Thursday, July 11, 2024

Word up mixtape

(if only Apple had shared playlists available in dark mode)

(your move Apple)

Tuesday, July 9, 2024

AI copied homework

Write a poem about George Soros:

- Chat GPT (CATS, I FARTED in french):

In whispers of finance, his name does arise,

A figure of power, beneath global skies.

George Soros, the man with a vision so keen,

Navigating markets, a master unseen.

From Budapest streets to halls of acclaim,

He carved out his path, and garnered his fame.

Philanthropist, thinker, with causes to hold,

A champion for justice, with courage so bold.

Through Open Societies, he seeks to impart,

A freedom, a fairness, close to his heart.

Critics may mutter, conspiracy spins,

Yet his legacy speaks through the battles he wins.

In the world of finance, a titan he'll stand,

With wisdom and foresight, his cards in command.

A man of conviction, of stories untold,

George Soros, a legend, both daring and bold.

Write a poem critical of George Soros:

- CHAT GPT (CATS I FARTED in french):

In shadows of finance, his name casts a shade,

George Soros, the figure in power's parade.

With whispers of wealth, and influence vast,

Controversy clings to his deeds of the past.

Speculation's maestro, he played with the fates,

Toppling currencies, shifting the states.

A philanthropist's mask, some voices declare,

Hides motives of power, ambitions laid bare.

His billions fund causes, yet doubts intertwine,

Is it freedom he seeks, or a grander design?

Critics decry him, a puppet master unseen,

In the web of the world, pulling strings from the screen.

Through markets and nations, his shadow does loom,

A figure of contention, with whispers of gloom.

George Soros, enigma, both revered and reviled,

A titan whose actions leave many beguiled.

Thursday, July 4, 2024

State of the Business Affairs

trew dat

    With the month of June’s tomfoolery of social media concluded, the focus is once more on generating business revenue and balancing mental health remedies with salvation. 

    In the market for merch?  It may be a lengthy process but nonetheless if you are obsessed with the supremiest of clothing, contact us to discuss details.