Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Quantum EP

 New EP 'Quantum' is out now:


    Upbeat and with a humorous jab at music classes, Academia combines ambience with melody to create a timeless rhythm for all ages.

LMNTooL (elemental)

    Slowing the beat down a smidge, LMNTooL is a break or recess from the learning environment of Academia.  Combining a photograph of the prairie with artificial intelligence in painting and throw in some shameless advertising, (hey, this needs to be profitable somehow) LMNTooL breaks down the barriers into their elements.

The Angry Apple Votive

    Finding hard and heavy riffs in Apple's GarageBand presets is like thirsting for blood watching kittens fight.  Nevertheless, here is a scratch.

Satellite Workshop

    The soothing conclusion to the EP, Satellite Workshop explores an alien world in the confines of our own.  Roving the Martian like landscape of Red Rock Coulee, this video includes grounded drone footage; or the precursor to drone footage of the orange rocks and snow capped land surrounding them.  The song, composed by Medium Photographics, is a revisitation of the pleasantry of the opening song Academia. 


full EP now available to stream uninterrupted.

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