Saturday, November 19, 2022

Cost Analysis


    Two variations of the same 12X16" framed photograph.  The first is printed at home using HP photo paper.  The second is printed on metallic paper and covered with museum glass to prevent fading as metallic prints tend to do that over time.  Here is the breakdown:

1:  Opus frame - $50  HP print - $1  Custom Matte - $25  Plexiglass - comes with frame = approx. $76

2:  Opus frame - $50  Metallic print - $25  Museum Glass - $65 = approx. $140

which would you prefer?

Saturday, November 5, 2022

The Wars of Yesteryears

     On Remembrance Day and every other, it bears consideration of  those who served to ensure our freedom during yesteryear's wars.  It bears even more significance for those who have family who participated in the war effort.  My beloved late grandfather was one of the many who served during the Second World War.  Along with the many war stories, memories of the only grandfather I cared for come to light at this time of year.

    Let us continue to treasure the freedoms and values we have, that we might never need to fight for them again. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

New Online Photo and Print Storefront


    In addition to the many popular local cafe's gracious enough to host local artists work on their walls, Medium Photographics is now hosting an online photo and print store via Picfair, a company based out of London, England.  Shop for fine art wall hangers or digital photos at:

Give us some time to add more fresh previously unreleased work..