Friday, November 17, 2023

Midnight Madness 2023

    The jubilation of the shopping season is upon us.  Friday November 17 saw the Midnight Madness festivity in downtown Medicine Hat.  Hat's off to the incredible brilliance and originality of jokes of today's Hatters.  Featured here is video footage of the Rockefeller tree lighting and ice sculpting.

    In the Spirit of Xmas and in keeping Christ in Christmas, look to the evidence within the gospel when determining sides in today's wars:  

     In other news, this community in Park Meadows Lane puts on an all in Christmas lighting display each year.  Donations go halfway to the food bank and halfway to maintaining the display.

Thursday, November 16, 2023

Stock Market Coffee House

    Chalk full of interesting insights and valuable knowledge, these history books are always a delight to read through.  Here we learn of the origins of the Stock Market, although with all the seemingly market manipulation of today's market, they must be getting their coffee in the form of junk food at Starbucks.