Wednesday, April 3, 2024

the Church of Racophobia

     While racism is a very real phenomenon, it seems nowadays to be moreso a tool used alongside accusations of phobias or fear of the unknown to achieve political and cultural advantage.  

    While police profiling is the practical application of what is, a conditioning of repetitive exposures and experience, certain politicians around the world seem to think of their countries as the welcoming Church without embracing or endorsing the churches themselves.  It is our duty to oppose all tyranny and thwart any and all plots to overthrow or replace us in an apocalyptic future.  Keeping the faith should be a Canadian counterplot.  For many people, fear of the unknown is becoming rage against what is become known about certain cultures.  Let us not allow the deceivers to destroy our culture with slanderous subterfuge any longer.

     Homework is good.