Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Be the Victor not the Victim

Re: upcoming album 'The Remastered Mindset'

     If  you believe in the spirit world and find yourself subject to a schizophrenia spellbind, life and the ensuing struggle will be much easier to cope with given the nature of the illness.

    In my experience, at it's worst, schizophrenia can be likened to enduring Hitler's concentration camps; or, perhaps a better likeness would be the floggings of the legendary Israelites under the demonic ancient Egyptian culture.  Either way you look at it, the now mortal enemies are trying to end your life by making it so miserable you will do it yourself.

    If all things are to be revealed, what I have learned about my condition is that there are people involved in the affliction.  My demons turned out to be a family I have known since childhood, making coping with circumstances much easier.  

    Using alternative to the poisonous medications treatments, orthomolecular treatments have enabled me to function to the best of my ability coupled with the prescriptions which sedate and dull the senses.  My faith in the spirit world however, is what has lead me to the knowledge of who and why is responsible for the living hell.  Faith that God is just and that in the battle between the righteous and the wicked, the wicked fall into the pits they dig for the latter.  Faith that vengeance belongs to God who will repay.  Faith that the hope that springs eternal is more than myth.  Keeping the faith enables me to be the victor not the victim.

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- editor’s note 
Megadoses of vitamin C over time can lead to kidney stones. I have always augmented the effect of the niacin megadose with timed release vitamin B100 supplements.