Sunday, May 1, 2022

Electricity 1010


    The beauty of Electricity is that it seems to hold the key to our futures.  This song is a homage to the many ways electricity has been utilized in the music industry.  The 1010 can be reckoned as binary code or you can consider that the song is ten minutes ten seconds long.  Portraits anyone?

    At one point I considered naming this tune, 'brought to you by the letter H', in that every live loop sample used to make it was given a name beginning with H.  I reconsidered when I realized that it might be confused with the way neo-nazis use the code 88, the 8th letter of the alphabet being H as code for their Nazi salute of old.  The unbelievable gall of following history’s greatest heathen losers is not something I want my work to be associated with, ergo Electricity 1010.

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